Login / Usage Instructions


Login Information

  • To Access Teams For Education, Select your preffered device on the Device Menu in the current Page
  • After Loading it on your device,You will be asked to login with your school email
  • For Students, Kindly Login to your Portal to access your custom PAAU eLearning credentials/email
  • Students are automatically assigned to all courses they registered for on the student portal
  • For Lecturers, Login details will be provided by the respective HOD
  • Example Login Detail
    Username: MT1234@kogistateuniversity.edu.ng
  • Please note your login details is Licensed to access Microsoft Office365 Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams etc
  • To access Teams(Education) kindly Login to https://teams.microsoft.com/
  • To access your school email kindly Login to https://outlook.office.com/
  • For a full list of Office365 product you can access kindly Login to https://portal.office.com/




Getting Started

Short(Lecturer) Videos

Getting Started

Lecturer - Frequently Ask Questions

Get started in your class team

Get organized in your class team

Communicate in your class team

Share and organize class team files

Assignments and grades in your class team

Use Class Notebook in Teams

Add a co-teacher

Add a student to a class team

Change your class theme

Change your display language

Find your class team's settings

Create assignment

View and navigate your assignments (teacher)

Assign work to multiple classes

Assign work to individual students or small groups

Schedule work to assign later

Delete an assignment

Save an assignment as a draft

Edit an assignment

Repost an assignment In Microsoft Teams

Distribute quizzes to students using Assignments

Track student progress in the Grades tab (teacher)

Review, return, and turn in assignments with the feedback loop

Create reusable grading rubrics

Export grades to Excel

Manage assignments on a mobile device

Add a category to an assignment

Add MakeCode activities to Assignments 

Read an assignment using Immersive Reader

Creating, attending, and running meetings while using Teams for distance learning

Use the Conversation tab

Mute a single student

Mute multiple students

Notify the entire class and post announcements

Remove a co-teacher

Remove students

Create read-only files for students or other team members

Edit Word documents in Teams

Create channels for student project groups

Archiving classes at the end of the school year in Microsoft Teams

Meet virtually with students or staff

Use OneNote Class Notebook

Set up a Class Notebook in Teams using existing content

Using Class Notebook to work in student groups